Arranging a visit

Joining Tendercare

If you’re thinking of joining Tendercare then the best way to decide if it’s right for you is to come and see us. We welcome residents and their families to come down for the day and experience the home for yourself. We think this is a great way for you to really get a feel for the house and get any questions you have answered.

On your first day at Tendercare we will give you a guided tour of the home, showing you the rooms and all of the facilities available. You will then be introduced to the other residents and staff. And then you will be invited to have a meal with us. We feel this is the best way for you to make your mind up about wanting to stay with us, and if everything goes well you can move in as soon as the next day.

Can family visit?

Your family can definitely come to see you anytime you are at Tendercare. Whether that’s on your first day when you come to see us, or when you’ve finally moved in, we are always happy for family members to visit. The home is open 7 days a week for family members to visit though we do ask that you try to respect meal times.